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Details of wholesale business

Together with global merchants, we participate with the promotion of the bongs & pipes culture.We provide wholesale and retail service with favorable price.We are committed to providing for the global customers with high quality glass yanju smokers, Cheap bongs don’t necessarily mean low quality, the manual labor cost way less in China than in the US 、Canada or Spain, so the bongs or water pipes imported from China usually are 3 times cheaper than local made US glass. VolcanicBong products for the global, for the amazon, aliexpress, wish, ebay, Etsy, and wal-mart enterprises and provide product customization development, with glass smoking set full range of products design, development, production and manufacturing capacity, from the perspective of its clients, providing customers with more competitive price and more high quality products, you can purchase at our platform to realize a station.


Thanks to your concern about VolcanicBong, you can contact us to apply to be a regional distributor. We are your good partner in setting up shop and can help you sell in the local area. You can contact us for bulk purchase.

  • We have extremely competitive pricing

  • We offer a free consignment service

  • We have warehouses in the cross-border industrial park, ready to deliver goods for you.

  • We have competitive prices to help you develop your business locally.

  • we offer FREE international shipping.

  • We back everything up with knowledge and support

For more details, please contact us info@volcanicbong.com

Cooperated with global artists, we provide cultural & creative products with customized service.



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